Friday, January 2, 2009

Mugs Stump Grant!

2009 kicked off to an AMAZING start when word came that I had been selected as a recipient of one of the most prestigious grants a climber can dream of...the Mugs Stump Grant.

Mugs Stump was an avid climber in the 1980s and early 1990s. His bold routes on the Emperor Face of Mount Robson, the east face of the Mooses Tooth, the north buttress of Mount Hunter, Yosemite and beyond are unmatched and timeless. Mugs' impeccable style set the standard by which many alpine climbs are now compared to. Tragically, Mugs died in a crevasse fall while guiding on Denali in 1992.

Seth and I will use the money to go nail some unclimbed objectives in the Revelations, located at the southwestern most part of the Alaska range. After last year's venture, we have lots of unfinished business to tend to.

The motivation so lacking is now coursing through my veins! T-minus five months! Time to start training!!!!!!!


Eric said...

fuck yeah bitchmonkey!

skatie ronski said...

Nice Work Clint! Looking forward to hearing about your adventure plans.